Tips For Your Next African Safari Hunt

Africa hunting tips to make your African safari hunt considerably more unforgettable!

Going on an African hunting trip is one of life’s last greatest adventures. Whenever you have encountered the excitement of a charging Cape Buffalo or the adrenaline surge of encountering Lord of the Plains (Lion), your impression of hunting will change for eternity.
To make your excursion significantly more enjoyable, and less unpleasant, we have assembled a rundown of hunting tips that could help you.


Hunting season in South Africa is throughout the cold weather months. Subsequently, days are bright however mornings and nights are cold. Not Chicago winter cold however temperatures can reach less. Bring warm jackets, socks, pants(trousers) and beanies.

Hunting Boots

Although our PH’s will always attempt set you up in a comfortable way to take your shot, don’t underestimate the South African terrain. Walk and stalk expects you to be on your feet for quite a while. Consequently, make sure your boots are comfortable.

Trust Your Professional Hunter

Your professional hunter will understand the terrain and the game better compared to you. Thus why they are professional hunters. Make sure to adhere to their directions. They have you, your experience and your safety to their greatest advantage.

Have No Expectations

Time waits for nobody. And once in a while time expires before you are able to make it through your rundown of animals to shoot. Be certain not to have any unrealistic expectations and make sure to absorb the actual experience instead of attempting to race through your rundown of “Tasks”.

Try not to Shoot Except if You’re Certain

An uncertain shot is a dangerous one. Especially while hunting dangerous game or enormous five game. Make sure you are firing with a rifle you know and are comfortable with. Keep in mind, assuming that you shoot, you pay. Regardless of regardless of whether the animal goes down. Additionally, an uncertain shot can seriously endanger you and your whole team.

Concentrate on The Anatomy Of The Animals You Are Seeking after

Presently here is a tomfoolery task to do before your South African hunting trip. Expand your insight into the animal you have on your hunting list.

Understand What Expenses Are Covered

Make sure you are certain about what charges are covered and what aren’t. For example, taxidermy expenses are almost never covered by any hunting safari except if specifically mentioned. Although we can organize a taxidermy for your prize prerequisites, our hunting packages don’t take care of taxidermy costs except if generally examined.
At VK African Adventures, we are glad to maintain the reputation we have. Our clients’ testimonials and our high rate of returning hunters pass on to our fantastic and reliable hunting encounters. We really want to believe that you removed something from the above Africa hunting tips we have assembled for you.

We anticipate inviting you to book a hunt with VK African Adventures!